Jyotisha is a personalized map of your karmas, illuminating actions and the results of those actions.  It is based on the influence of planetary positions at the time of your birth or at the time a question is asked.  These planetary positions can then be interpreted to help guide you through different aspects of life, aligning you with the potential for success in every action undertaken.  

Jyotisha necessitates a belief in both destiny and free will.  No action is considered to be solely destiny or solely the result of free will. It can also help us understand obstacles in our path and find methods to alleviate those obstacles. In some cases, obstacles may be so entrenched that they are difficult to remove.  In those instances, remedial measures can help us better cope with such obstacles in our path.  These arts can help us understand ourselves and our lives more by serving as an objective mirror for self examination.  The art and science of Jyotisha includes: 

  • Natal Horoscope (exact birth date and rectification can be done)
  • Hasta (Palmistry)
  • Prashna (A Particular Question)
  • Muhurta (Timing an event or action)
  • Vaastu (the art of objects)